Green Soft Loans offered through an intermediary (Financial intermediary)

 What is a Green Soft Loan?

A Green soft loan is a credit facility established to stimulate demand for the utilization of green technologies in Namibia, especially for communities living in rural areas, but also accessible to urban clients.
The credit facility is operated through an ownership model where individuals obtain loans to purchase green products by procuring detailed quotation from the accredited Service Providers to install the technology at the area of choice.

This facility is offered by the Fund but is administered through the SME Bank of Namibia


Ring-fenced for green related funding - The Green soft loans provides loans for the procurement of green products that promote the usage of renewable energy, energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable agricultural practices and other resource use efficiency projects.

Maximum loan - Maximum loan amount is N$100,000 while N$ 10,000.00 is the minimum.

Subsidized interest fee - Interest rate is charged at a subsidized fee of prime minus 4.25%.

Long payback and settlement periods - Grace period permissible is up to three (3) months with a maximum 5 years repayment period.

Promotes green enterprises - contributes to increased competitiveness of green enterprises, including greening of existing brown industries and energy inefficient houses, etc.

Who can have it?

  • An SME wishing to undertake business in the green sector,
  • Applicant must be a Namibian Citizen, aged 21 and above,
  • Any person with an active bank account into which his/her monthly or regular income is paid and with a clean credit record,
  • Credit references will be verified with Trans Union® and CompuScan®,
  • Any person who can prove 2 years of employment with the same employer/ same line of employment,
  • A pensioner with a regular income e.g. Farmer or individual having a business,
  • Home owners wishing to upgrade their houses to water or energy efficient products.

Application Process

General Information


pdfSME Bank Green Soft Loans Brochure

For more information and application procedures:
SME Bank
172 Jan Jonker Road
P.O Box 6121
Tel: +264 61 430 1000


This disclaimer applies to this entire document in whole or in part. All applications are subject to the standard credit approval processes of the SME Bank. Conditions apply. Fees and charges are payable. Full terms, conditions and schedule of fees are set out in the relevant loan contracts. Terms and conditions, including fees and charges, may be varied or introduced in the future.