How do I apply to the Environmental Investment Fund?

Please refer to our website for the application process which will assist you in preparing and submitting applications.

Does the Environmental Investment Fund allow applications from other countries?

The EIF is a national fund that only accepts applications for Namibian-based projects.

Will the funds be exempt from income tax?

The funds should not attract any tax obligations but we would advise that you confirm this with the Department of Internal Revenue.

Will it be possible to present my project to the EIF team prior to applying via the website?

Our evaluation process does not make provision for project presentations prior to receipt of online or physical applications. The EIF application guidelines available on our website provide sufficient guidance with regard to the funding procedures, however should additional guidance be required, the Fund is able to assist.

How long is the process anticipated to take after the submission of the proposal? When will we know if our project is approved or declined?

 We anticipate that it should take about three to four months from submission of proposal to the disbursement of funds. However, at various decision-making stages of the evaluation process, applicants will be informed accordingly.

Would the EIF provide funding for a feasibility study?

The EIF will consider feasibility studies.

Will State-Owned Companies be allowed to apply for the fund?

The EIF will consider applications from State-Owned Companies.

Is there a pro-forma draft agreement one can look at to see what the terms of agreement will be prior to submitting an application?

Pro-forma draft agreements will only be shared with successful applicants.

How can one receive regular information from the fund?

We will endeavor to update the EIF website, and will regularly update applicants who have completed their submissions. We also encourage the public to sign up for our newsletter and news feeds via the website. Please visit regularly for updated information.