The Environmental Investment Fund in the media

Media releases

The Fund's official communication is transmitted to stakeholders and the general public via media releases. Below is a list of all communication sent to media houses:

GCF funded Empower to Adapt project Inception workshops commence - 4 December 2017

EIF signs grants agreement with Green Climate Fund at COP23 - 17 November 2017

EIF hosts Gender and Climate Change Workshop - 21 August 2017

Sustainable Development Awards 2017 launched - 7 July 2017

Minister Pohamba appoints new Board - 22 August 2016

Greenfields Namibia Factory opens - 20 May 2016

Anti-Rhino poaching Sponsorship handover - 19 May 2015

Namibia's first ever Sustainable Development Awards - May 2015

EIF celebrates 3 years - unveils new grant recipients

EIF unveils new Bursary recipients - February 2015


Press clips and advertorials

Feeling like you're missing out on what we do in and around Namibia for sustainability? Follow the work of the fund in the following advertorials and stories from your local and international media houses. 

NEW - EIF Gender and Climate Change Workshop - Monday, 21 August 2017:


Climate proofing: a Case for the agricultural sector, by B. Libanda, - New Era, October 2015

EIF Bursary students tell their story - The Student Magazine, February 2015

Greenfields Namibia - Growing your profits naturally, - NBC News (YouTube), February 2015

Horse, chicken and cattle dung turned into cash - The Namibian, February 2015

Introducing the Environmental Investment Fund - Insight Magazine interview, November 2014

EIF greens first black female Environmental Lawyer - The Student Magazine, November 2014

Polluters to pay environmental tax - The Namibian Economist, October 2014

Benz Woodwork & Furniture, a flagship Green Technology and Waste Management business - The Namibian Financial Supplement, September 2014